Protection concept

Dear Audience

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Pfauen and Schiffbau.

A Covid certificate (2G) is required for performances from 20 December 2021, meaning you must be recovered or vaccinated. Until further notice, masks are mandatory, and the occupancy of the performances is reduced to two thirds of the full capacity in order to keep a safe distance between audience members who do not attend a performance together.

This is how we protect you:

Covid certificate (2G): A 2G Covid certificate is required for the performances at the Pfauen and the Schiffbau (ages 16 and up) from 20 December 2021, obtainable after a Covid 19 vaccination or a confirmed infection. The QR code can be presented digitally or printed out on paper. In addition to the Covid certificate and the admission ticket, an identity card must be presented for personal identification.

Safety masks: Until further notice, masks are mandatory in the auditorium and in all interior rooms of the theatre (ages 12 and up).

Distancing: We sell seats in groups, with one vacant seat in between each group. This results in a maximum occupancy of around 65%). In addition, the distance between the first row of seats and the stage ramp is currently 2.5 metres in the Pfauen and 1.5 metres at ground level in the Schiffbau.

Ventilation: In both the Pfauen and the Schiffbau (Halle and Box), we have a powerful ventilation system that filters the air, permanently supplies fresh air, and extracts stale air, thus guaranteeing healthy indoor air quality.

Hygiene: We sanitise armrests, door handles, handrails, shelves, etc. on a regular basis.

Pfauen Foyer: The kiosk at the box office foyer is open for you before performances and during the breaks.

Schiffbau Bar: Our bar is open before and after the performances. Consumption without a mask is permitted in a separate area, and your contact details will be recorded.

Schools: You can find further information for primary & secondary schools on

Staff: All employees of the Schauspielhaus work under the rules of conduct and hygiene according to the protection concept of the Swiss Stage Association. The staff at the box office, in the foyer and on stage are vaccinated, recovered or tested. All performers are also tested on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about our protection concept, the theatre box office will be happy to provide you with information: 044 258 77 77 / Theaterkasse [​at​]

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Schauspielhaus Zürich