Window Talks

published on 22. May 2020


When the lockdown came, ensemble actress at Alicia Aumüller decided together with some colleagues at «Schauspielhaus Zürich» to play concerts for elderly people in front of retirement homes. Close and yet far away from them, she asked herself: What do these people feel in their isolation, what would they have to say, what stories to tell?

This was the starting point for the "Window Talks" with senior citizens and an international film essay that resulted from it: Artists in Milan, Tallinn, Hamburg, Brandenburg and Zurich got in touch with older people, from street to window, from forecourt to balcony. The result is multilingual and polyphonic, intimate, sad and hopeful portraits of people in four countries who are considered as risk group and who nevertheless still take the risk of life.

With: Alicia Aumüller und Yannik Böhmer (Zürich), Teatro Dei Gordi (Milano), Giacomo Veronesi, Jonas Tagel, Liisa Saaremäel in Cooperation with Cppm (Tallin), Jette Steckel (Quitzöbel/Brandenburg) and Johanna Luise Witt (Hamburg)