The Father

By: August Strindberg
Staging: Nicolas Stemann

August Strindberg was a sensitive extremist in an age of radical upheaval. He was initially part of an early feminist emancipation movement at the end of the 19th Century, and then a paranoid reactionary; like a seismograph Strindberg captures in The Father what a patriarchal world in turmoil means. Nicolas Stemann examines contemporary men as members of an endangered, dangerous gender: they run amok, turning against others and themselves – an overwhelming number of suicides are committed by men, also. Strindberg is the author of these men and their frantic effort to “take back control”.

Daniel Lommatzsch, Zeynep Bozbay, Wiebke Puls, Benjamin Radjaipour, Julia Riedler
Nicolas Stemann
Set Design
Katrin Nottrodt
Marysol del Castillo
Thomas Kürstner / Sebastian Vogel
Benjamin von Blomberg

Transferring from Münchner Kammerspiele

  • Zurich-Premiere: 30. April 2021, Pfauen