The Köln Concert

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Im Vordergrund: Trajal Harrell. Im Hintergrund: Ondrej Vidlar, Titilayo Adebayo, Nodan Bojas Mair, Songhay Toldon, Maria Ferreira Silva 

By: Trajal Harrell
To the music of Keith Jarrett and Joni Mitchell
Used by arrangement with ECM Records

Unfortunately we have to cancel the event. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Trajal Harrell responds to the physical distance rules for the stage with a plan he has been pursuing for years: a choreography to Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert, the most successful piano solo recording of all time that Harrell opens with songs by Joni Mitchell. It is a matter of learning anew, how to make theatre. Dance. In front of an audience. With distance and caution. But not with any less devotion.

At the season opening, choreographer Trajal Harrell will perform at Pfauen: From September 12-18, he will show his solo performance The Return of La Argentina, the lecture-performance The Conspiracy of Performance with Perle Palombe and the world premiere of The Köln Concert for seven dancers.


Staging, Choreography, Stage Design, Costumes
Trajal Harrell
Sylvain Rausa
Katinka Deecke
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Audience Development
Mathis Neuhaus
theatre education
Manuela Runge
assistant director
Maja Renn
stage assistant
Ann-Kathrin Bernstetter / Natascha Leonie Simons
costume assistants
Ulf Brauner / Miriam Schliehe
stage manager
Michael Durrer
production intern
Moritz Lienhard
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For the duration of the pandemic, we will also publish the introductions as podcasts on the respective play pages and on our Soundcloud-Account.

Introduction by: Katinka Deecke, Dramaturgy

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