Performers Rule:
Second Solo Show

By Sultan Çoban
Staging: Sultan Çoban

«Opening a window to a deception that was created to be only seen through television and heard through a cassette player in an unknown language.»
Reenactment of a concert by Sultan Çoban. When members of the Schauspielhaus wish to realise their own ideas without having to ask for permission from theatre management first, the Kammer is the place: Performers Rule!

Bendix Fesefeldt
Eva Lillian Wagner
Naïma Alissa Trabelsi
  • Pfauen-Foyer & -Kammer
Saturday 29.01. 21:00 Pfauen-Foyer & -Kammer
  • Premiere
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Monday 31.01. 21:00 Pfauen-Foyer & -Kammer
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Wednesday 02.02. 21:00 Pfauen-Foyer & -Kammer
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Friday 04.02. 21:00 Pfauen-Foyer & -Kammer
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